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Friday, September 30, 2016

Nick Diaz Smoked Some Weed With Snoop Dogg

Another day another UFC fighter spotted with the chronic.  Conor McGregor posted a picture on Instagram that seemed to show him with a joint in his hand.  Nick Diaz is hanging with Snoop Dogg and that's definitely what the kids would call a blunt.

Via TMZ: Nick Diaz's smokin' tour continues ... this time, he stopped by Snoop Dogg's studio and burned with the rapper -- and it was all on video.

The UFC superstar -- and avid pot enthusiast -- was a guest on Snoop's GGN Network show ... where the two appeared to smoke some weed and hang out.

This isn't Nick's first time blazin with a celebrity.  Last week he smoked with weed legend Tommy Chong.

I'm all for smoking if you want to.  Especially for athletes who put their bodies through so much punishment.  Not to mention recent studies suggesting marijuana's benefits in recovering from head injuries.