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Friday, September 2, 2016

Lena Dunham Doesn't Like Odell Beckham Jr. Because He Didn’t Hit On Her?

This has to be part of Lena Dunham's comedy routine or some shit.  I refuse to believe she's serious.  Lena claims she left the Met Gala because Odell Beckham Jr. wasn't paying attention to her.

Via Page Six: One reason Dunham wanted to go home so badly: She thought she underwhelmed the New York Giants wide receiver.

“I was sitting next to Odell Beckham Jr., and it was so amazing because it was like he looked at me and he determined I was not the shape of a woman by his standards,” she said. “He was like, ‘That’s a marshmallow. That’s a child. That’s a dog.’ It wasn’t mean — he just seemed confused.”

She continued, “The vibe was very much like, ‘Do I want to f— it? Is it wearing a … yep, it’s wearing a tuxedo. I’m going to go back to my cell phone.’ It was like we were forced to be together, and he literally was scrolling Instagram rather than have to look at a woman in a bow tie. I was like, ‘This should be called the Metropolitan Museum of Getting Rejected by Athletes.'”

I'm sure she would have been all pissy if Odell was into marshmallows and had hit on her.  If she is serious then she might just be the most ridiculous person alive.