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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bailey Rayne's Week 3 Results Are In

Week 3 was a rough one for Bailey's picks, but to her defense it's been a nutty year in the NFL so far.

Overall: 32-16

Week 3: 7-9

Here is a recap of her picks.  The bolded ones are the picks she got right.


Texans vs Patriots- Texans


Cardinals vs Bills - Cardinals
Raiders vs Titans - Raiders
Redskins vs Giants - Giants
Browns vs Dolphins - Dolphins 
Ravens vs Jaguars - Jaguars
Lions vs Packers - Packers
Broncos vs Bengals - Bengals
Vikings vs Panthers - Panthers
Rams vs Buccaneers - Buccaneers
49ers vs Seahawks - Seahawks
Jets vs Chiefs - Chiefs
Chargers vs Colts - Colts
Steelers vs Eagles - Steelers
Bears vs Cowboys - Cowboys


Falcons vs Saints - Saints

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