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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Pussification Of American Sports Continues As Dad Tells Kids He Loves Him At The Little League World Series

If you don't think the pussification of American sports is a real thing then you need to watch this video.

First we have an end of the special bond between a coach and player when the coach used to physically hit players.  Then we have all of these player safety rules in football to limit those made up things called concussions.  Now we have the most stomach turning of all, a dad/coach telling a son/player how much he loves him, in the middle of a game on the field.

What is going on?  Didn't he just see his meal ticket walk a batter?  He should be so full of rage that he forgets he has a mic on and tells the kid how much running he'll be doing after the game.  That’s what he'd do if he really loved his kid.

The next thing you know they'll make it a rule that if you coach your kid the first thing you have to tell him on the field is how much you love him.  Little meal ticket isn'the going to learn anything if he screws up and the first thing he hears is I love you from his dad.

No wonder kids these days are so soft and wear girls pants.