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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Of Course Curt Schilling Has A Problem With Colin Kaepernick Sitting During The National Anthem

Curt Schilling is another one of these troops guys.  Their basic argument is not standing during the National Anthem is somehow disrespectful to the troops.  It's the National Anthem not the National Anthem for the troops.

Guys like Schilling are the worst with the I have people in my family who served.  Lots of people have family members who have served.  Remember they used to force you to?

Not standing during the National Anthem is not disrespectful to the troops.  What is disrespectful to the troops is their lack of care when they return home.  Do something about that if you give a shit about the troops half as much as you claim to.

The troops actually fight for our freedoms, one of those freedoms being the right to protest.  Even if they don't agree with the protest.

So sit the fuck down with your National Anthem protest is disrespectful to the troops argument.