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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nick Diaz Didn't Let His Suspension Keep Him From Fighting In Las Vegas

Suspended UFC fighter Nick Diaz beat down four dudes who jumped him in a Las Vegas bathroom early Wednesday.  As hard as it is to believe, Diaz claims that he didn't start the fight, TMZ Sports:

A rep for the club tells us the UFC fighter went to a bathroom outside the club around 2:30 AM, and accidentally stumbled into another customer ... who started talking smack.

We're told Nick apologized and said he didn't want any trouble, but 3 other men then joined the first guy and jumped Nick ... who tells us, "I didn't start it. They didn't know who I was."

He tried to defend himself, and got hit hard in the head -- and then the fight spilled out of the bathroom, and out onto the Bellagio's casino floor.

That's exactly how my Wednesday morning went too.  Not to brag or anything but they got the worst of it.