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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Joe Girardi "My Job Description Does Not Entail A Farewell Tour"

What a fucking snake.  Joe Girardi spoke about not playing Alex Rodriguez in his final week with the Yankees after saying he would play him.

Girardi makes some of the most ridiculous statements you'll ever hear his snake ass make.  He came right out of the gate with, "my job description does not entail a farewell tour."  A final week is not a farewell tour you jackass.

He followed that up with his job is to win games.  Well no shit.  But nobody is buying that now when you trade away two of your best pitchers and your best hitter at the end of July.  And if your job is to win games you haven't done a very good job of it this season.  Why is that suddenly your focus after the front office has clearly given up?

Girardi is the worst.  It's time for him to go too.  Fire his ass!

Just look at how happy he is with himself over that farewell tour job description line, it's disgusting.