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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hope Solo Finally Found A Way To Receive A Lengthy Suspension From U.S. Soccer

Not an arrest for domestic violence in 2014 or her husband receiving a DUI while driving the team's soccer van in 2015 got Hope Solo suspended as long as calling an opponent "cowards."  I guess that's the line that shall not be crossed, that or it's a third strike of some sorts.

U.S. Soccer has suspended the 35 year old goalkeeper for six months.  In addition to the suspension her contract was also terminated, via The News York Times:

U.S. Soccer terminated the contract of goalkeeper Hope Solo on Wednesday for what it called “conduct that is counter to the organization’s principles.” The federation also said it had suspended Solo from the women’s national team for six months, but in ending her contract, it sent a strong signal that Solo — who has balanced on-field excellence with off-field controversy for more than a decade — might have played her last game for the United States.

I guess she's worn out her welcome.  It's just odd not to receive a suspension at the time of a domestic violence arrest, but receive a six month suspension for calling an opponent a coward.

It's an NFL level kind of screw up.