Monday, August 29, 2016

Bryan Stork Really Didn't Want To Be On The Redskins

Bryan Stork is headed back to New England after failing a Redskins physical.  You can't blame the dude for doing everything he possibly could do to not end up in Washington.

No sane person is going to be happy getting traded from the Patriots to the Redskins, show up right away and do everything in their power to pass the physical.

Although returning to Belichick after he traded you and you screwed up the deal is probably not going to be a picnic.


  1. Ya, because failing a physical simply gets all kinds of interest from other teams. Patriots will release him and get nothing and Stork will be a FA with very little interest after failing a physical and contemplating retirement. You a freaking moron!

    1. You're the idiot. Dude was pissed when he was rated and didn’t report right away. Probably gained 15 pounds so he'doesn't fail that shit.

  2. Harambe was an inside job.