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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Billy Bush Doesn't Think Ryan Lochte Is Smart Enough To Make Up The Robbery Story

The Ryan Lochte robbery story is not going away any time soon.  The story has changed a bit since Lochte first told Billy Bush on the beach the morning after the robbery, but Lochte still claims that they were robbed and they didn't make it up.

This comes after two U.S. swimmers, who were robbed with Lochte, were pulled off of their flight home to be questioned further about the incident.  You'd honestly think the Rio police would have much bigger things to worry about, but here we are.

The internet is having an absolute field day with the story, as they should.  Even former MLB pitcher Dabr Haven is getting in on the fun.

As for whether or not the story is made up, the man who interviewed him on the beach doesn't think Lochte is smart enough to make up such a story. Billy Bush, "he's not the kind that can weave a brilliant story."

Shit Billy, shots fired.

All around just fascinating stuff.  This story alone has made Rio.