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Friday, August 19, 2016

Baylor Football Players Have Moved On To Abusing Animals

Baylor Football is really taking that go big or go home motto to heart.  They're going real big on abuse.  They first abused women and then covered it up.  Now they've move on to abusing animals.

Via KXXV: A video exclusively obtained by News Channel 25 shows yet another ugly side to Baylor University football.

In late June, a video of Ishmael Zamora, a wide receiver for the Bears, was shared on another Baylor player's Snapchat. The video shows Zamora abusing his dog.

Viewers can hear Zamora's dog yelp as Zamora hits the dog with a belt. The player then kicks, yells and curses at the dog.

I think Mr. Zamora is about to learn a lesson about abusing dogs.  It's one thing to mess with people, it's another to mess with animals.  Remember Mike Vick went to jail for messing with animals.  Donte Stallworth killed a guy with his car while impaired and didn’t do any time.

The brief video is pretty disturbing to watch.

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