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Sunday, July 24, 2016

The White Sox Suspended Chris Sale Because He Destroyed The Throwback Jerseys On Saturday

The White Sox have suspended their ace starting pitcher Chris Sale for five days after scratching him from his start on Saturday.  It all started because Sale was unhappy with the throwback uniforms the White Sox wanted to wear on Saturday.

Reports are that Sale destroyed all of the jerseys after refusing to wear it, Today's Knuckleball:

Sale was scratched from his start on Saturday because of what the team called a “clubhouse incident”. It turns out that the incident was all over the team’s throwback jerseys. Sources tell Today’s Knuckleball that Sale didn’t want to wear the throwback uniforms the team was planning to wear, so he made sure they wouldn’t wear them by cutting all of the uniforms in the locker room.

You have to make sure the starting pitcher is comfortable.  That's how you win games.

This is such the current state of the sorry ass Chicago White Sox organization.  He's your best pitcher for Christ's sake.  The White Sox are being run by a bunch of fucking idiots.