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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Noah Syndergaard Wants To Be More Like Bartolo Colon

Noah Synderdaard told the NY Daily News that he wanted to be more like Bartolo Colon.  He was referring to Colon's workload between starts.  I wonder if he's also considering taking PEDs like Colon has in the past.  I'm sure that would help recovery between starts as well.

Syndergaard said that after the break he would adjust his off-day work routines to keep his arm fresh and back off his bullpen work like Bartolo Colon does.

“I am going to take a step back, look at my routine every five days and take a play out of Bartolo’s playbook,” Syndergaard said.

I wonder if he's also going to start taking a page out of Bartolo's gym playbook?  A fat Thor would be hilarious.  Almost as funny as