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Monday, July 18, 2016

Jonny Gomes Is A Moron

Jonny Gomes played all of 12 games last season for the Royals.  None of those 12 games were in the postseason.  Because he didn't make the postseason roster.

That didn't stop him from taking credit during the World Series parade in Kansas City last year.  And for some reason he's upset he wasn't invited to go on the Royals' White House visit, CBS Sports:

One player who will not be with the Royals on Thursday: Jonny Gomes. And he's crushed. He told Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports that finding out he wasn't invited to the White House is the "worst news" of his career.

The worst news of his career?  Huh.  Not the news that his career is over?  That news probably hasn't hit the top floor yet.

Is he really this big of a moron?  Does someone really have to explain to him that 12 games doesn't really count as a legit contribution to the championship?

It has to be something with that missing h right?  I mean who has been more clueless about anything?