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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Escobar Got Tossed For Drawing In The Dirt

Yunel Escobar managed to get tossed from a game for drawing in the dirt.  He wasn't happy with a pitch during his own at bat and was a little upset after a check swing by Chris Davis wasn't called a strike, like it should've been.

The homeplate umpire, Tim Timmons, was waiting for a reason to toss Escobar and I guess drawing in the dirt crossed the line.  I personally don't trust a guy when they're first name has part of their last name in it.  Those kind of guys are just fucking weird.

The umpire shouldn't sit there and stare at a guy until they piss them off enough to get tossed.  That's just stupid.  Although not all that surprising coming from a dude with the name Tim Timmons.