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Friday, July 8, 2016

Brian Kenny Thinks Good Looking Guys Get Hired As MLB Managers

Let me start off by saying GAY.  Who is sitting there watching a World Series game checking out the alpha male managers of the teams?  The answer is people attracted to men.  This might finally be Brian Kenny's coming out party.

Let me follow that up by saying what the fuck is Brian Kenny talking about?  He pretty much says you're either good looking or very skilled.  This giant dork who is always using stats to back up arguments that nobody cares about just pulls this "fact" out of his ass.

These types of 100% stat driven little dweebs, who never could actually play the game, are ruining the sport.  Stop telling me striking out is better than putting the ball in play and that every batter needs a shift all the time no matter the situation.

Keep all that shit for your loser fantasy leagues and we'll worry about the actual game on the field.  And don't forget to go fuck yourself while you stare at all the good looking managers.

(h/t Barstool Sports)