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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tim Tebow Prayed A Man Back To Life

It might have been the other people who were doing chest compressions that actually saved the man's life.  But that wouldn't make for a good story now would it?  Tim Tebow praying a dude back to life, now that's a story.

Acoording to an airline passenger on the flight where Tebow performed his miracle, people were just helping this man with chest compressions, an IV and air.  We all know that's not enough.

That's when Tebow floated out of his seat the man's family and had an entire section of passengers pray for him.  Then boom just like magic he was back to life and as quickly as he had sprung into action, Tebow was gone.

Another Tim Tebow miracle ladies and gentleman.  If he could only use his prayers to throw a football.

I know it sounds a lot like he didn't do anything, but that's just because you don't know the power of talking to yourself.

(h/t Total Pro Sports)