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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

There Has To Be An Alabama-Michigan Game Put On The Schedule

Nick Saban called out Jim Harbaugh during a crying session about satellite camps.  So of course Harbaugh responded and now there must be an Alabama-Michigan game on the schedule.

If either of them are real men they'll demand it.

I don't know if that was their intention or not, but you can't just trade jabs like this through the media without settling it on the field.

Saban said he wasn't talking about Harbaugh in the middle of a statement where he brought his name up several times, via FOX Sports:

"I'm not blaming Jim Harbaugh, I'm not saying anything about him," Saban said. "I'm just saying it's bad for college football. Jim Harbaugh can do whatever he wants to do. I'm not saying anything bad about him if he thinks that's what's best. There needs to be somebody that looks out for what's best for the game, not what's best for the Big 10 or what's best for the SEC, or what's best for Jim Harbaugh, but what's best for the game of college football — the integrity of the game, the coaches, the players and the people that play it. That's bigger than all of this."

Usually when someone says there not doing something they probably are.  If you ever hear someone say "I'm not a racist, but" they're about to do or say some racist shit.

There was no way in hell Harbaugh wasn't going to respond.  The Michigan head coach went at Saban and Alabama on Twitter.

I'm really not sure what rules he's talking about here, but I'm sure Alabama has broken all kinds of rules.  I mean every school does.