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Sunday, June 12, 2016

The NBA Has A Limit To The Number Of Times You Can Hit People In The Nuts

And Draymond Green has finally met that limit.  He will be suspended for game 5 for his latest hit to the nuts of LeBron James.

The NBA upgraded his foul for the hit to the groin to a flagrant.  The upgrade to a flagrant gives him four flagrants for the postseason and an automatic suspension, via CBS Sports:

Draymond Green has been suspended for Game 5 of the NBA Finals. He was retroactively assessed a flagrant foul because he made "unnecessary contact with a retaliatory swipe of his hand to the groin of Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James," which gave him four flagrant foul points in the playoffs and automatically triggered a one-game suspension. Charles Barkley must not be happy about this at all.

I didn't think the foul called on Draymond was for the shot to the dick.  So this might be the NBA throwing the Cavs a bone.  I'm sure they don't want a 5 game series.  A 6 or even 7 would be better from the league's view.