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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stephen A. Smith Turned Jerry West's Defense Of LeBron Into An Attack Of Jerry West

Stephen A. Smith proved once again he's pretty much just an internet troll who is on TV.  Check out this masterful troll job he does here on Jerry West.

West defended LeBron James to the media and Stephen a turned it into the NBA needed to change their logo because it's Jerry West.  Take notes this is some next level shit here.

Smith said of West because he lost 8 of 9 NBA Finals that he was in, "He doesn't deserve to be the NBA silhouette.  The NBA needs to get with modern times.  First of all most basketball fans don't know who the hell Jerry West was as a player."

That is fucking amazing.  He turned West's defense of LeBron into removing West as the NBA logo.  My mind is blown.