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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oh Good The 911 Call From The Mother Of The Kid Who Fell In The Gorilla Habitat Has Been Released

People have lost their fucking minds over this 4 year old kid who fell in the gorilla habitat at the zoo.  What we've been missing up to this point, besides the video of the gorilla being shot, is the 911 tape from the kid's mother.

The 911 tape has been released for public consumption.  There are people who actually think the gorilla wouldn't have flipped out and started thrashing this kid.  Those people need to spend 10 minutes with a gorilla in its habitat.

Because that gorilla would have eventually beaten that kid to death in front of a zoo full of onlookers.  What were they supposed to do?  Ask the gorilla nicely for the kid back?

Don't get me wrong people suck.  But in guerilla versus a 4 year old kid, I'm killing the gorilla 100% of the time.  If this was a jackass adult jumping in their to act like an idiot, then yeah let the gorilla beat his head in.

But it wasn't it was a kid and killing the gorilla was the right thing to do.

Anyway check out the 911 call via Hollywood Life: