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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Are Going At It On Instagram

They will soon be going at it inside the octagon at UFC 200, unless there is another mystery injury to DC.  Right now they're going at it on Instagram.

Jon Jones posted a response to a strange Daniel Cormier Instagram video.  In the video DC can be seen with punching bag that has Jones on it.  He slaps the face on the punching bag and I'm not sure he was even aware he did this, but he rubbed the body of it too. (I think DC's in love with Jones)

Jones included the video with his post, a post that ripped Cormier and said the video proved, "I'm balls deep in your head right now."

Which in addition to probably being true, is one of the funniest trash talking lines you'll ever read.