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Monday, June 27, 2016

Johnny Manziel's Drunk Texting Lawyer Is Now Off The Case

Nobody should be surprised to hear that the lawyer who texted the AP a bunch of stuff about Johnny Manziel is no longer on the case.  Johnny might not have heard about what happened until Monday, but even he knows you can't keep a lawyer who does that.

TMZ has confirmed through Manziel's reps that the attorney who texted the AP is off the case:

Now, Manziel's rep, Denise Michaels, says Hinton has resigned and is no longer a part of Manziel's legal team.

"Johnny Manziel’s lead attorney Jim Darnell today confirmed to me withdrawal of associate counsel Bob Hinton from Manziel case."

I'd love to believe that the lawyer was partying with Johnny and they decided to text the AP together just to see how much shit they could stir up.

That would be a great fucking story.  If I'm the lawyer that's the story I'm going with.