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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It Sounds Like Refrigerator Perry Is Doing Just Fine

Refrigerator Perry is living in a retirement home at the age of 53.  He's a drunk with serious health and financial issues.  See he's great.

So yeah he's doing just fine, via Sports Illustrated:

So the love and support he receives from others is dead-ended by his stubbornness. Perry can barely walk, and only then with a walker. He’s at least 150 pounds overweight­—around 430, even 450, according to friends and family. He doesn’t work with physical therapists, or wear the compression socks or orthopedic shoes that he should. His hearing is terrible but he won’t wear his hearing aids, so he ends up virtually reading lips unless you are close to him and speaking loudly.

He has four children and he doesn’t see them much, or at least not as often as one would expect. Both of his ex-wives are out of the picture. He lives alone in a retirement facility.

It's good to see the NFL takes such good care of the players after they're finished destroying their bodies.  You should read the full article it's a real heartwarming experience.