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Friday, June 3, 2016

I Trolled Curt Schilling On Twitter And He Responded With A Picture Of An '04 World Series Ring

It was an interesting morning at the Krusty Sox Sports offices (women's bathroom in a Target, I self identified as a woman this morning).  I made the decision to troll Curt Schilling on Twitter.

I knew my response to a tweet of his about an illegal immigrant would do the trick and it did.  Schilling's tweet contained a link to a story of an illegal immigrant with his own thoughts which read, "This douche came here illegally, and he's screaming how much he hates us? Who's the idiot?"

You can probably guess my response, but here it is anyway, "probably you for caring."

Then we were off.  Because of my Twitter profile pic he dropped a picture of the '04 Red Sox World Series ring telling me it's been 12 years and I need to get over it.  But not a picture of his own ring, because...well you know he sold a bunch of his shit.  That must have been one of his items that he didn't get to keep.

And if he does still have it, why not snap a pic and send that?  Anyway the back and forth was pretty awesome as I decided to get into his time in Arizona and the fact that that ring and the '04 ring were tainted by steroids.

Overall it was an entertaining exchange and I admit I did gain a little bit of respect for him.  Especially for coming out hot with the World Series ring.