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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dirk Nowitzki Opted Out Of His Deal Will Be A Free Agent

Dirk Nowitzki opted out so he could sign a two or three year deal.  He'll likely sign that deal with the Mavericks.

The longtime Maverick discussed his decision to opt out with the Dallas News:

"Haven't decided 100 percent, but I've met with Donnie (Nelson) and I just met with Mark (Cuban) once I came back from vacation just seeing what the next few years could bring for this franchise, who's available, what's best for both sides," Nowitzki said. "Since I felt great and played sort of decent, I might opt out and maybe sign a two- or three-year deal. We'll see how it goes, but that's probably the plan for now."

I love the "I played sort of decent" line.  I deserve more money because I can still kind of play the game.

I'm sure the Mavericks will Kobe his ass and let him play until it gets real sad.