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Monday, June 6, 2016

Brian Cashman Gave An Update On The Yankees And It Sounds Like Joe Girardi Needs To Be Fired

Brian Cashman did an interview on Friday with the YES Network where he pretty much gave an update on the current state of the Yankees.  It's not good.  We know that.  But it's even worse than expected because Cashman has blinders on.

The Yankees GM kept referring to last year's team saying pretty much this same team performed at a high level last season.  But this is also the team that blew a lead in the AL East and free fell into a Wild Card spot.

He also said nobody's job is in jeopardy at the same time explaining fully why either his job or Joe Girardi's should be.  Just a disgusting interview from a guy who is supposed to be looking to improve this team.

It's pretty much as if he's saying we're crossing our fingers and hoping it will get better.  The reality is they have 7 regulars hitting below .250 and nobody hitting .300.

Say what you want about batting average, but if you're hitting the baseball, you're likely on base and if you're on base, you're scoring fucking runs and winning games.

This sorry ass team isn't doing any of that right now.  Time to make some moves and fire some under performing coaches you jackass, via Bob's Blitz