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Monday, June 6, 2016

Ariel Helwani Should Fight Dana White For His Credentials

Ariel Helwani was kicked out of UFC 199 and striped of his credentials.  He was also reportedly given a lifetime ban from the UFC.

All this for breaking the news that Brock Lesnar was returning to the UFC.  Dana White told TMZ Sports that Helwani could attend UFC 200 if he bought a ticket and that he would never receive credentials as long as White was with the UFC.

We asked White about the "ban" -- and he explained, "He can cover all the events he wants, he just can't have a credential."

When asked specifically if he would be allowed to attend UFC 200 if he bought a ticket, White replied, "Yes."

We also asked if the ban was really a life sentence, and White told us, "As long as I'm here."

Dana White is acting like an asshole.  Breaking news is part of a reporter's job.  They need to fight it out.

It's the obvious solution to this.  White needs enter the octagon with Helwani and fight it out.  If Helwani wins he gets his credentials, if White wins he gets the lifetime ban.  It's the only logical resolution to the issue.