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Thursday, June 23, 2016

A High School Cheerleader Has Been Charged In Death Of A Homeless Man

An 18 year old high school cheerleader in San Diego has been charged with two felonies after her boyfriend and her boyfriend's brother beat a homeless man to death, via LA Times:

A high school cheerleader has been charged in connection with the beating death of a homeless man in San Diego County, officials said.

Hailey Suder, 18, pleaded not guilty Monday to two felony counts of being an accessory after the fact, according to Tanya Sierra, spokeswoman for the San Diego County district attorney’s office.

Damn.  Kids aren't just stealing shit from stores or breaking into houses anymore.

They've stepped up the getting in trouble game to killing the homeless.  When did the slope from high school cheerleader to killer get so slippery?