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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Steven Adams Called The Warriors Guards "Quick Little Monkeys" In Postgame Interview

Steven Adams called the Warriors guards "quick little monkeys" when describing how difficult it was to keep up with them.  I doubt the native of New Zealand thought twice about what that means here in the hypersensitive US.

Adams apologized for his poor choice of words to all the uppity white people he offended, USA Today Sports:

“It was just a poor choice of words, mate,” Adams told USA TODAY Sports. “I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t know it was going to upset anyone, but I’m truly sorry. It was just a poor choice of words. I was just trying to express how difficult it was chasing those guys around.”

“It’s just different, mate,” he said. “Different words, different expressions, and stuff like that. But they obviously can be taken differently, depending on which country you’re in. I’m assimilating, mate, still trying to figure out the boundaries. But I definitely overstepped them tonight.”

If you think he meant anything racial by his comments then you're an idiot.  Let's save our outrage for actual racist shit.