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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spurs Fans Need To Quit Crying Foul

The west was wild last night.  There were elbows from out of bounds and fans grabbing players at the end of the OKC-Spurs game.  In the end OKC held on for the win.

Spurs fans are screaming about a no call on Dion Waiters for this elbow.

But the Spurs stole the inbounds pass and got off a shot.  So this no call didn't really decide the game.  Plus there was a little extra help on the play when a fan grabbed Steven Adams.

Again, the Spurs got the ball and a game winning shot attempt off.  Stop crying, they lost it's okay, the series isn't over.

On another note I'm going to start the rumor that it was Michelle Beadle who grabbed Adams' arm.