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Friday, May 13, 2016

Meghan Trainor Had Too Much Bass For Her Ankles

Meghan Trainor fell down after her performance on Jimmy Fallon.  It appears as if she has a little to much bass for her ankles.  I think just a little bit of treble would have kept her upright.

Valuable lesson to be learned here ladies, especially you big girls, if you're wearing heels pack a little treble as well.  It fits nicely in the purse.

Please whatever you do don't watch the entire performance, it's terrible.  Truly one of the worst songs I've ever heard.  But that is what she's known for.

Just skip to the end around the 3:30 mark so you get just a taste of how truly awful the song is before she goes deer on ice and falls flat on her face.

Fallon kind of saves her by laying on the floor next to her.  I personally would have just stood there and laughed at her, but that's just me and I'm a horrible person.