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Friday, May 13, 2016

LeBron Doesn't Agree With The MVP Or Coach Of The Year Award Winners

LeBron is taking aim at the Golden State Warriors.  He's talking trash about the MVP Award and the Coach of the Year Award.

Warriors won both of the awards with Steph Curry taking home the MVP and Steve Kerr the Coach of the Year.  The Warriors have been officially put on notice.

LeBron pretty much said Steph was the best player, but he was the MVP.  It's really hard to argue that point.  Are the Cavs running away with the East if LeBron isn't on the floor?  No.

LeBron also brings up a fair point about COY.  Plus didn't Kerr miss like half of the season?  How do you miss half of the season and still win this award?

With the Cavs are currently steamrolling the East and LeBron clearly salty about the MVP you better believe he wants nothing more than to ruin the 73-9 season.