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Monday, May 30, 2016

Johnny Manziel Was A No-Show At Family Party This Weekend

It was another odd weekend in the life of Johnny Manziel.  We got Friday night's confrontation in L.A., Dick Vitale expressing concern on Twitter and Manziel missing a ride to his family's party.

You know this dude is a mess if even Dickie V is concerned.

Here is that confrontation on Friday via NY Post.

The latest is from Page Six about how he was a no-show for a ride to a family party over the weekend.  According to the report, Manziel never showed up for his ride and didn't answer phone calls.

Johnny Manziel went missing in action this weekend when he was supposed to host a small party in the Hamptons for close friends and family.

The fallen football star was supposed to take a Blade helicopter out east on Saturday, but didn’t show for his flight.

We’re told they waited 15 minutes for him, but left after he failed to answer his phone.

Things are definitely getting worse for Johnny.  Not showing up for a family party that he was expected to attend can only mean one thing.  This dude better be in your celebrity death pool.