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Monday, May 16, 2016

Female Bodybuilder Britt Olsen Showing Off The Sexy Side Of Bodybuilding

Most bodybuilding chicks get way too muscular for my liking.  Britt Olsen is proving you can be a bodybuilder and a hot chick.

She has a superb selfie game to top it all off and that's the only thing on the internet that happens.

2013-2016 From 'bikini fitness athlete' to fit thick. Seing the picture on the left today is not a pleasant sight for me. Back then I loved being shredded and the idea of becoming a bikini pro someday entering the big competitions was everything. My mind was poisoned looking at bikini pros on Social Media every single day. After competing a couple of times (I was my own coach) and feeling the pressure on my own body and soul not to mention the almost impossible struggle to lose the right amount of weight in time, I decided none of it was worth it. It didn’t even take me long to figure out a lot of the bikini girls all around the world were using PED’s (Performance-Enhancing Drugs) such as illegal fatburners (and NO @shredz fatburners won’t get you anywhere) 😉 As the years have gone by I realize how unhealthy and dark sided the sport is… Today I feel so much more alive and confident in my 'fit thick' body even though there’s no sight of abs 😜 The sport is getting bigger but unfortunately so is the dishonesty of how to reach the light at the end of the tunnel… #notworthit
A photo posted by B R I T T O L S E N (@miss_olsen87) on

A photo posted by B R I T T O L S E N (@miss_olsen87) on

(h/t Guy Hut)