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Monday, May 23, 2016

Draymond Green Attempted To Explain The Kick Heard Round The World "I'm Not Trying To Kick Somebody In The Men's Section"

Draymond Green attempted to explain his kick to Steven Adams' dick during his postgame interview.  I think he pretty much covered all of the bases when trying to get out of a suspension.

Green started by saying the thinks the flagrant foul will be rescinded.  He then went into a comment with a phrase that nobody has ever heard before, "I'm not trying to kick somebody in the men's section."

Men's section?  This is clearly designed to throw off the media and confuse the average fan.  It's a risky move but one that did it's job.

With steps 1 and 2 complete, he blamed his core and then denied knowing that he hit him.  How do you not know you kicked someone?  Unless your legs don't feel things you knew you kicked him.

All a skilled effort to avoid being suspended.  Unfortunately for him this is the second time he's hit Adams in the junk in just three games, so a suspension will probably be handed down.