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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cam Newton Is Already In Earl Thomas' Head

Earl Thomas sat down with ESPN's John Clayton.  The Seahawks defensive back revealed that Cam Newton is already in his head.

Thomas mentioned a comment the Panthers quarterback made last season, via 710 ESPN:

“I think it was a lot of mental battles on my shoulder,” Thomas said on the “John Clayton Show” Saturday. “I think a lot of offenses recognized, and you could hear it in the way they talked. Especially Cam Newton saying we run the same defense. I felt like he was talking to me personally because I knew he wouldn’t talk to us like that if my shoulder was right. So all of that stuff you just hear and you just take it and you prepare for next season.”

Yeah he picked your secondary apart because of your shoulder.  Get the fuck out of here.  You just admitted that Cam is in your head and the season is months away.

That is ownership of your mind.  It should be fun when the Pathers come to town in December.