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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Dumbass Reporter Asked Kevin Durant About His Future After The Game 7 Loss To The Warriors

Kevin Durant was asked about his future immediately after OKC's Game 7 loss to the Warriors.  Literally within the hour.  How do members of the media suck this bad at their job?  Or is everyone in the world just a troll now?

What did he want KD to say?  "Uh...yeah, I thought about it and since we blew a shot at reaching The Finals I'm out."  Even if that's what he wanted to say, he's not going to do that in the postgame press conference.

What a fucking waste of a question.  And they honestly wonder why athletes don't like the media.  Dumbasses like this guy out there ruining it for everybody.

They should institute a punch for ever stupid question rule at postgame press conferences.