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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Say Goodbye To Johnny Manziel As Spokesperson Refers To Him As Jonathan

After his second agent dropped his ass for refusing to get help, Johnny Manziel appears to be changing his first name to Jonathan.  A spokesperson just laid the foundation for the name change in an exchange with ESPN where she referred to him by his given name:

"So many people only have one image of Jonathan, but believe it or not, he takes all this very seriously," Manziel's spokesperson Denise Michels told "He's hoping that he can clear up his personal issues, start interviewing agents and see what he needs to do if he wants to play this year."

It's clear that going with the formal Jonathan means he's getting his act together.  Jonathan Manziel isn't a drunk possible drug addict, that's Johnny.

I guess Nike didn't get the memo on the name change, because they just cut ties with him as well.  It has been one hell of an offseason for one of the biggest draft busts in recent history.