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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Josh Norman Is Now A Free Agent After The Panthers Pulled Back Franchise Tag Offer

As much as not getting a deal done with Josh Norman sucks if you're a Panthers fan, like I am, you have to trust Dave Gettleman here.  The dude has made nothing but the right move since he came to Charlotte and until he screws something up he should get the benefit of the doubt, via

"After a number of conversations with Josh’s agent we realized that a long-term deal was not attainable," general manager Dave Gettleman said. "We have decided to rescind the Franchise Tag freeing Josh to immediately become a UFA. We thank Josh for all his contributions and truly wish him well."

Sounds like Josh made it clear that he wasn't going sign the franchise tag and drew his little line in the sand.  He should have known Gettleman wasn't going to play games.

Someone will overpay Josh and he won't play at the level he did this season ever again.