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Friday, April 15, 2016

Johnny Manziel Has Got To Be On The Top Of Your Celebrity Death Pool

Are celebrity death pools still a thing?  If they are the nightmare that is Johnny Manziel has to be on the top of the list.

Look there is being young and partying your ass off and then there is Johnny Manziel or the white JeMarcus Russell as I like to call him.  The dude who is flushing a once in a lifetime shot at playing in the NFL down the toilet.

I get going to work hungover or still a little buzzed from the night before.  We've all been there.  But you can't do it everyday and function as a football player.  Baseball maybe, but not football in the NFL.

Is he even trying to play in the NFL anymore?  He's partying 24/7 and getting in all sorts of trouble.  His latest is the trashing of a house he rented.  That he promised he wasn't going to party in and then partied his ass off in, via USA Today Sports:

“Despite Mr. Manziel's assurances to my client that the rental was to be used strictly for his own personal and private use, surveillance footage shows that Mr. Manziel threw large parties on both nights, causing extensive damage to the subject property,” attorney Niki Ghazian worte in the letter

I would award this peron no money whatsoever.  You first let Manziel rent a house from you and then took his word that he wasn't going to party in it.

Where have you been for the last couple of years?  This isn't new, this is what Johnny does.  The Browns faked a concussion for him because he was too hungover all the time.

They deserved all of the damages.  In fact they should be lucky the house is still standing.