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Friday, April 15, 2016

Jason Whitlock Called Kobe's Final Game "Hot Garbage"

Jason Whitlock didn't pull out his knee pads for Kobe Bryant like so many other people who cover sports.  No he instead bent Kobe over and destroyed him.

Whitlock called Kobe's final game "hot garbage" and said, "his narcissism and selfishness destroyed a franchise."

I can't argue with either point.  Kobe shot the ball 50 times to score 60 points.  Sure he helped the Lakers to a come from behind win, but it was only the team's 17th of the season.

My favorite part of the entire rant on Kobe is when he trashes him for copying Jordan's game.  This is the best line, "he's the most fraudulent superstar celebrity athlete we have ever seen."

I'm sure Kobe fans love that.

(h/t Terez Owens)