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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Holy Shit Adam Schefter Believes Greg Hardy

Adam Schefter was asked by Dan Patrick if he believed Greg Hardy's claim that he never put a finger on his accuser.  After a long pause Schefter says, "it doesn't matter what I believe."

Classic refusal to answer the question.  Dan pressed him for more and Schefty had this to say:

I'll say this to you.  I went in there with the idea that everybody had.  That this guy's a monster, okay.  I went in there thinking this is one of the scariest people in the NFL.  And I came out of there with a different feeling about him.

I came out of there with a feeling that this is a guy who has managed to say the wrong things at the wrong times, has not always made the right decisions, but I found him to be a changed kind of guy.  A guy who realizes that he did make some mistakes, um could have handled things differently.

In regards to that incident, it's such a tough thing, I'd like to talk to more people before I made a judgement.  All I can go by is what he said.  I'll say this, he wasn't wavering.  He was adamant, "I never touched this woman."

It sounds like he believes Hardy.  Pretty much what Schefter is saying is Hardy says he didn't do it so that's good enough for me.

Has he not seen the pictures of her bruised body?  What happened there, did she do that to herself?  Or are pictures just pictures?