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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Don Mattingly Pulled Adam Conley In The 8th Inning With A No Hitter

This is going to happen more and more as managers continue to baby pitchers.  This is fucking stupid.  Based on a magic pitch count of 100 (a made up finish line by the way) pitchers are getting pulled with no hitters.

Adam Conley went two out into the 8th inning before Don Mattingly brought the diaper rash cream to the mound for the pitching change because his baby pitcher threw over 100 pitches.  This is the second time a pitcher has been removed with a no hitter this season.

Both times it was by former players turned managers.  I can't tell if they really believe in taking the guy out or if they're too fucking stupid.  Are they trying to look like they're smart because whiny ass, pencil dick, baseball writers think you should take a guy out at 100 pitches no matter what.

They actually try to claim leaving a dude out there one time for 120+ pitches has ruined careers.  Get the fuck out of here.

Remember when men played baseball?  They would have been removing managers from the field in body bags if they tried to take a guy out with a no hitter.