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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Did People Really Think This 30 Year Old High School Basketball Player Was 17 Year Old

His name is Jonathon Nicola and he's a 30 year old man from Sudan who has been pretending to be 17 year old Canadian high school basketball player for the past 6 months, via NY Daily News:

Jonathon Nicola, an alleged 30-year-old Sudanese immigrant, was arrested by Canadian border officers this week for posing as a teenager over the past six months to play basketball at Catholic Central High School.

He was detained for violating the Immigration Refugee Protection Act, but Border Services did not expand on specific charges towards Nicola.

How do you not know this guy isn't 17?  I guess he kind of looks young, but there had to be some signs.

What 17 year old could stand there and hit three pointer after three pointer like this dude did?