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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Derek Wolfe Took A Bottle To The Face During A Nightclub Fight Over The Weekend

Denver Broncos psychopath/defensive lineman Derek Wolfe was hit in the head with a bottle during a nightclub fight, via TMZ:

According to his agent Mike Simon ... Derek "did not provoke the fight. He was trying to protect a friend. His recollection is that he was hit from the back with an object when he wasn't looking."

As TMZ Sports first reported, police were NOT called to the scene during or after the brawl. Witnesses said Wolfe's face was bleeding has he left the club.

When are athletes going to learn that regular people are assholes and no matter what if you're in the club they will start some shit for no reason.

To me it's not worth it.  Rent a house and throw a party with people you know.