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Saturday, March 12, 2016

This Johnny Manziel Tribute Video Shows You How Fucking Stupid Browns Fans Are

The Browns finally parted ways this past week with one of the worst first round draft picks in the history of the NFL.  And Browns fans made a Johnny Manziel tribute video because they're fucking stupid.

First look at how happy they were when the Browns drafted Manziel after that homeless guy told them to.  Did you really expect him to come into the NFL and just run around and make plays?  Especially on a terrible team?

Manziel certainly thought it would be just like in college and continued to party like he was still in college.  But there is one big difference in the NFL.

In the NFL all of the players are playing football for a living.  In college you're competing against dudes that will sell used cars or work in an office somewhere.

You can't just continue the party and not work hard.  That's exactly what Manziel did.  So Browns fans enjoy his 10 to 15 plays in 2 years and have fun trying to find another quarterback.

Oh and Colin Kaepernick isn't the answer either.

(h/t Busted Coverage)