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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Cubs Had Live Music For Their Warmups Because Joe Maddon Is A Genius

Oh my God how much of a genius is Joe Maddon?  He let the Cubs have live music to listen to while they warmed up.  Wow he's so smart.

Can we cut the crap with Maddon being a genius already?  He's clearly slipping into madness.  His let the patients run the asylum approach to managing doesn't make his IQ higher than yours.

I'm just glad everyone is picking the Cubs to win the World Series, because that all but assures that they won't.  Have fun with your looks good on paper team Cubs fans.  It's not happening.

Maybe after the Cubs blow it the media will turn on him and we can finally lock Maddon away with his straight jacket.

The Cubs will not win the World Series.

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