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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Red Sox Comcast SportsNet Reporter Jessica Moran Quits After A Rumored Relationship With Manager John Farrell

Jessica Moran of Comcast SportsNet, who covered the Red Sox for the network, sent a message to The Boston Globe Friday.  In her message she said she had decided to step away from the network:

“I have stepped away from Comcast SportsNet as I thought it was in my best personal and professional interest to do so,” Moran wrote in a text to the Globe. “They have been extremely supportive during my tenure at the network — and with this decision — and I am very appreciative of that.”

This comes after rumors that she had a relationship with Red Sox manager John Farrell.  The 53 year old Farrell has been separated from his wife for the past two years and they are getting divorced.

What is in the water in Boston?  Those Red Sox just can't stop banging the reporters.  Something tells me this isn't the last time we here about a player and reporter in Boston.