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Monday, March 7, 2016

Kid Almost Takes A Flying Bat To The Face During A Spring Training Game

Dad of the year saved his kid from a flying bat to the face.  This is the type of dude that needs to be sitting in those seats.  He was obviously paying attention and has the reaction time to keep shit in order.

The kid on the other hand was clearly not paying full attention (see phone in hand).  So I don't even want to hear that bullshit story about how "he was paying attention but just couldn't react in time."

I have a better idea than netting.  How about only people who are willing to take the chance that they might get hit and have the ability to protect or attempt to protect themselves.

Stop trying to make everything 100% safe, it's gross.  If you don't want to get hit with stuff flying into the stands then don't sit so close.  It's not that hard.  The further away you sit the less likely you are to catch one of these to the dome.

Stop ruining the expierence for others.